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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Carol's Give it Away Challenge

Carol's challenge this week was to color any image... any way you want and then give it away. Great timing as I was working on this image by Rubbernecker to give to my hubby for our anniversary.
Copic colors used: dress- N1, N4, N7, C0 and C3 for the white fur, golden halo- Y000, Y02 and Y21


Thursday, December 17, 2009

Connie's Snowpeople challenge

This is for the snowpeople copic challenge! I used B60, B63, R81 and a tiny bit of B21 for the snowpeople coloring. The sunny background used Y000 and R32... I did tip to tip marker blending to achieve the mid tone. This is a fun challenge... I hope you try it!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Copic Junkies Challenge #4-SnowPeople

Welcome to the Copic Junkies Challenge this week!
I didn’t want to get into anything difficult this week before Christmas, but with all the talk about grays over the past week, I thought this may be appropriate:

Let’s talk about SnowPeople……snowforts……snowy trees….snowyhills….and how copics can help you give them dimension and colour. And best of all, what your grays can do with opaque white objects!

I use my C1 and BG10 copics to shade my snow. I admit that BG10 is a bit dark, but it’s what I have. Sometimes C3 sneaks in there, as you can see here……
I am not sure that I really like the C3 here, but it has its place. Marianne also has a post on using opaque white to recreate snow on your image after you colour. This is a copic product…I use gesso or acrylic paint, perhaps the opaque white is better but I am not going to buy it ;^)

I did not suggest this technique because I am good at it, but because I am practicing it myself and experimenting with what works, so feel free to share what you have learned and what you are doing!

Links to help:
Snowmen:Marianne's ilikemarkers

Icicles: colouring icicles

Vintage Snowmen: Browns and shades
has a video attached….worth looking at!

Opaque White: After colouring, add it back in
http://ilikemarkers.blogspot.com/2008/07/opaque-white-adding-snow.html (the opaque white technique)

Shadows: http://ilikemarkers.blogspot.com/2008/12/shadows-part-8-shading-things-close-and.html
This post is for anyone still looking at the different grays and when to use them. I could not explain it any better than marianne has done here, so if you only look up one link, make it this one!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Judy's Blue and Purple challenge

Judy Jackson prepared a blue and purple challenge for the Copic Junkies yahoo group (http://groups.yahoo.com/group/copicjunkies/ ). Here is my card for that challenge. In the main image I used BV01 and BV04 for the mittens and B24 airbrushed for the background. The other pieces are technique pieces from my stash... it all came together nicely for me:)

Friday, December 4, 2009

Bo's Beach challenge!

It was delightful to take a break from all the Christmas cards I've been making to revisit this beautiful beach stamp from Cornish Heritage Farms and spend a little time on the beach! The background is a Spritzed (Copic) Stone from the current Technique Junkies Newsletter in BG05 and B63.
Colors used: sky- B0000, B60, B41, C00, sand- E50, E31, Y000 (just a touch), water- BG01, BG05, log- E31, E43, E47, shells- the earth colors used in the other elements plus R35
Thanks Bo for the challenge!
Kimm BT

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Ready for Winter? Not Me!

Hello my fellow Copic Junkies!

It's December and it's time for another challenge.  I'm sure everyone is getting in the Christmas spirit and thinking about a white Christmas.  Well, my challenge is a little different. I live in upstate NY and although we only have a sprinkling of snow, I'm sure more is coming. UGH I hate snow - I'm originally from GA so I don't do well in winter. I think 'warm weather' to get me through the cold months.

I saw a Copic video that just really made me think "outside the box".

This was a perfect challenge for me. I had to really blend since I didn't have most of the colors shown in the video. I couldn't get the blue sky to really work for me so I did a nice sunny yellow sky. (I felt warmer just making the sunny sky.) I am including pictures of my card and a close up of my chair just to let you see more detail.

Alternate ideas ----
I loved making a background and I loved coloring in a stamp on top of the background I made. My challenge is more of a 'create a scene/background with Copics' -- I'm sure not everyone wants to go to the beach ... {LOL}  A sunset background would also be a good for this challenge. So would a night sky or dusky sky maybe with a silhouette of a tree or grass in the foreground. Just bust out the Copics and blend, blend, blend!

Bo Trommer
Copic Junkies Design Team Member
(Stamps: chair > TAC and sandcastle > Clear Dollar Stamps)
Copic colors used:
Water: BG32, BG10

Beach: E00, E11, E33
Chair: E25, E08, E33
Sky: Y11, Y02
Y17 for the flag on the sandcastle

Suggestions for blue sky colors (from the DT members):
B0000/B000 combo or BG0000/BG000 combo
B0000 – pale Celestine and BG0000 – snow green