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Monday, December 14, 2009

Copic Junkies Challenge #4-SnowPeople

Welcome to the Copic Junkies Challenge this week!
I didn’t want to get into anything difficult this week before Christmas, but with all the talk about grays over the past week, I thought this may be appropriate:

Let’s talk about SnowPeople……snowforts……snowy trees….snowyhills….and how copics can help you give them dimension and colour. And best of all, what your grays can do with opaque white objects!

I use my C1 and BG10 copics to shade my snow. I admit that BG10 is a bit dark, but it’s what I have. Sometimes C3 sneaks in there, as you can see here……
I am not sure that I really like the C3 here, but it has its place. Marianne also has a post on using opaque white to recreate snow on your image after you colour. This is a copic product…I use gesso or acrylic paint, perhaps the opaque white is better but I am not going to buy it ;^)

I did not suggest this technique because I am good at it, but because I am practicing it myself and experimenting with what works, so feel free to share what you have learned and what you are doing!

Links to help:
Snowmen:Marianne's ilikemarkers

Icicles: colouring icicles

Vintage Snowmen: Browns and shades
has a video attached….worth looking at!

Opaque White: After colouring, add it back in
http://ilikemarkers.blogspot.com/2008/07/opaque-white-adding-snow.html (the opaque white technique)

Shadows: http://ilikemarkers.blogspot.com/2008/12/shadows-part-8-shading-things-close-and.html
This post is for anyone still looking at the different grays and when to use them. I could not explain it any better than marianne has done here, so if you only look up one link, make it this one!

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